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Name:Tavros Nitram ♉ adiosToreador
Website:Tavros Nitram || MS Paint Adventures Wikia

Your name is TAVROS NITRAM.

You are known to be heavily arrested by FAIRY TALES AND FANTASY STORIES. You have an acute ability to COMMUNE WITH THE MANY CREATURES OF ALTERNIA, a skill you have utilized to CAPTURE AND TRAIN a great many. They are all your friends, as well as your warriors, which you pit in battle through a variety of related CARD AND ROLE PLAYING GAMES. You used to engage in various forms of MORE EXTREME ROLEPLAYING with some of your other friends before you had an accident.

You like to engage in the noble practice of ALTERNIAN SLAM POETRY, possibly the oldest, most revered, and certainly freshest artform in your planet's rich history. You have a profound fascination with the concept of FLIGHT, and all lore surrounding the topic. You believe in FAIRIES, even though they AREN'T REAL.

Your trolltag is adiosToreador and you uHH, sPEAK IN A SORT OF, uHH, fALTERING MANNER,

What will you do?


[Character Journal by [personal profile] theheroqueen; I do not own Homestuck or the images here in any way, shape, or form.]

Canon!Tavros from just before his death.

Played @ [community profile] gargleblasted
Room #3-8 (but is actually staying in 7-15 with several other trolls)
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