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Name: Tilly
Are you over 16?: Yep! I'm 20.
Personal DW: [personal profile] theheroqueen
Email: queenofnothing3@gmail.com
Timezone: US Central Time
Other contact: Plurk is queenofnothing
Characters already in the game: None
How did you find us?: Played around with some characters from this game in memes and such, decided to check it out


Character name: Tavros Nitram
Fandom: Homestuck//MS Paint Adventures
Timeline: From right before his death
Age: 6 solar sweeps (roughly 13 years old)

~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths:
- He is able to telepathically speak with and control animals, from small creatures even to a huge dragon. He gets along with them and has decent enough skills with taking care of them, too.
- If being clumsy and awkward at life is a skill, then that too.
- Now that he has robotic legs, he can run pretty fast and those bad boys are quite difficult to break. Occasionally he will have balance problems, especially in extreme temperatures, liquid, and slippery/uneven surfaces.

How would they use their abilities?: Since he is not one to abuse his powers, he would only use them if someone was in trouble/something was missing/etc. In other words, he would use them for good, not evil.


As a troll, he has grey skin and a set of large, thick horns that protrude from either side of his head. He has orange yellow claws instead of regular fingernails, but they tend to be filed down. His teeth aren't as long as other trolls (possibly due to his blood color and/or his gentle personality), but they're still quite deadly.

He wears a dark grey shirt with his symbol in his blood color on the front of it, along with a black jacket and a pair of light tan khaki/capri pants that don't quite reach his ankles. He doesn't need shoes anymore because the lower half of his legs are robotic, made by Equius.

All of his bodily fluids are the same color as his blood, though everything else is a more translucent shade. Tears, saliva, sweat, genetic material, it's all a lovely shade of orange brown. Copper, basically.

Headcanon: Now while on sprites and images it shows his metal parts beginning at his waist, I prefer to play him with the robot legs beginning at mid thigh; he still has all of his good parts, so to speak. That also means he still wears pants.

Background/Personality: Tavros Nitram || Homestuck Wiki, Comic Introduction Page

Tavros Nitram is not as violent or cruel as most trolls usually are; instead, compassion and sensitivity are his default personas more often than not. This is likely due to his low blood color; highbloods have issues with anger and sanity, and lowbloods rarely do. He loves to play all sorts of games, collects Fiduspawn cards, and forms the worst a rapping duo with Gamzee Makara, though they are from opposite ends of the hemospectrum. Tavros has a friendly demeanor and is on good terms with most of the other kids, though he seems unaware of his shortcomings as a troll. His friends say that he seems incapable of hate, even toward the troll that effectively ruined his life by making him a paraplegic. During a session of extreme roleplaying, Vriska Serket used he mind powers to make him jump off a cliff, which ended up with him in a wheelchair for some time.

After discovering and entering his planet, the Land of Sand and Zephyr, he spent most of his time doing side quests and pretty much keeping to himself. His server player, Vriska, eventually ended up leading him to her own planet, the Land of Maps and Treasure. Even though they had their problems and differences, the two came to an understanding and explored the world together. After some time, however, they were interrupted by an old foe and it left Vriska in a near death state afterward. He tried to help her, but she used her mind control ability to leave her be and to bring her to her Quest Cocoon. It is used to bring a player to their God Tier status, one of the strongest forms in the game. But Tavros cannot bring himself to finish her off despite her threats and left her to slowly bleed to death.

After escaping to the Veil (a meteor, left over remnant of their home planet, Alternia) with the eleven other troll kids, Tavros spent his time sleeping (in a dream world free of Vriska due to her new status) and trolling the humans, though he was not very good at it. He actually became the one being trolled by Dave Strider and ended up blocking him during one of their chats. He approached the girl named Rose Lalonde, and she advised him to use poetry to annoy Dave; thus, the worst Sick Rhymes (also called Sick Burn) were born.

He has a complicated relationship with the remaining human girl, Jade Harley. He saved her younger self from accidentally shooting herself by telepathically communicating with her dog-like pet, Bec, and using his powers to send the bullet off in a different direction... which ended up killing her grandfather. Tavros believed that there had been no harm done; he thought that Bec was her Lusus and her grandfather was the intruder. A lusus is the creature that takes care of younger trolls and acts as a guardian, instead of having parents like humans do. It wasn't until she explained to him later that Bec was just a pet and that her grandfather was her actual guardian that he realized that he made a mistake. It's hinted that he may have a bit of a crush on Jade, but due to those unfortunate circumstances, their relationship is at a standstill.

Tavros was raised by a small, winged bull-like lusus named Tinkerbull. They had a very good relationship with each other, unlike most other troll-lusus bonds where they barely tolerated one another. Tinkerbull liked to play Fiduspawn with his charge, even though he usually just ended up taking a nap with the battling creature. The lusus, however, was not strong enough to keep his charge from being disabled and in the end is not strong enough to protect even himself; Tavros accidentally killed him by running him over with the wheelchair.

He believes in fairies and other magical creatures, and is especially interested in the stories of 'Pupa Pan' - the troll version of 'Peter Pan'. Even his extreme roleplaying outfit was based on that character, earning several nicknames from his friends, though not all of them were positive or friendly. He doesn't care if others think that those types of games or activities are for girls. He has more female friends than male ones (Aradia, Nepeta, Terezi, etc). Tavros loves the idea of flight; before his Dream Self was killed, he preferred to stay asleep so he could fly in his dreams. His God Tier title would have been the Page of Breath, and would have most likely given him the ability to fly should he have gotten to that point. John Egbert is the Heir of Breath and uses his powers to stay airborne most of the time.

The hemospectrum mentioned above is very important in troll culture. Depending on color your blood is, your job and how you are treated vary. It goes from dark red (lowest), then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, and then a reddish purple. All trolls have one of those shades. The Empress is at the very top with her mauve blood, and the purple shades right below hers are considered royalty or nobility. On the other hand, the trolls with red/orange/yellow/green blood are considered the lowest of the low, inferior to the rest of trollkind. Blue green to indigo are the middle and upper middle classes. Tavros' blood color is orange-brown, or copper. He's often treated like he's nothing more than an animal, and even after having to live with the eleven other troll kids on a meteor, some of them still hang onto the hemospectrum. He has several self esteem issues and has a hard time asserting himself because he has been taught that lowbloods are dirt his entire life.

Have you read up on how the game works?: The FlamingFerret! Missions, free lance jobs or mooching off/stealing from a friend~

1st person sample:
sO, uHH,,,
oR, uM,

3rd person sample:
- Gamzee & Tavros end up in a board game (NSFW)
- Tavros & Nepeta coloring together
- Tavros & Howard Link on the Personal Eden Meme (Possibly NSFW)

Questions?: Nope!
Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject: Of course~


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